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Online surveys and analyses

ProTurn is licensed by Thomas International for a variety of online assessments and analyses.

Personal Profile Analysis

The Personal Profile Analysis provide you with the most natural and preferred interaction style of the selected person. In an 8 minute online test the participant fills out the most and less applicable choses related to his current work situation.

The candidate is tested on his or her dominancy, interaction, stability and conformity. We distinguish self-image, behaviour at work and behaviour under pressure.

The Personal Profile Analysis provide you with accurate views on further possible Guidance & Permanent Education of this specific individual. There is now more effective tool in measuring behaviour than this Personal Profile Analysis.

The results and recommendations are easy accessible with an extreme high level of validity, reliability and consistency.

General Intelligence Assessment

The General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) measures a person’s mental power and drive. By understanding how quickly candidates can learn and retain new skills and procedures, you will have a reliable prediction of their potential to grasp or develop in a new desired role. You’ll also get an indication on the strategic and tactical skills and behaviour of the individual.

The GIA has to be completed online by filling out questions within 5 categories. The GIA can be used to develop a selected person and predict a person’s potential, keep this person motivated and challenged, and identify leadership potential. The GIA will give you a good indication on how successful your employee currently is and what his/ her potential could be with a proper guidance in your business.

Remaining surveys and analysis

SWOT Analysis Technical – Administrative research TTA: Team Analysis
Management Research Collaborative research Sales research
Summary for manager/ supervisor Summary for candidate
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