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Prior to our Training, Coaching, Implementation and Guidance & Permanent Education, you (as an organisation) have the option to audit your organisation on people, processes and procedures to gain more results.

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Our trainers aim on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the people in your organisation. Our training programs are composed on the most recent techniques which are easily applicable.

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The first step within a coaching program is to gain insights in one’s own behaviour and the impact of this in the working environment.

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Then it is time to put all input into practice in your daily life work environment. Together with you ProTurn builds further on your strengths and gladly guides you with possible bottlenecks while putting this all into practice.

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Guidance & Permanent Education

Creating a Professional Turnaround in your organisation? ProTurn, together with you, implements the latest knowhow and skill level within your organisation.

Interim Professionals

Temporary line, staff or project management positions will be fulfilled by us with pleasure from a wide, qualified interim team within profit and non-profit organisations.

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By using the ProTurn assessments, you gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your employees within a particular function or function areas.

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ProTurn develops for different organisations an entire, modular training program, the ProTurn Academy. Through permanent education within the programs, your organisation will continuously be in motion and up to date.

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ProTurn statistics

Countries active

In no less than 18 countries, ProTurn realises a professional turnaround on the different continents. Besides our activities in the Netherlands, we are working for organisations in Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Brasil, Mexico, Chile and China. Curious about creating a professional turnaround in your organisation?

Individual coaching programs

What impact does your behaviour have in your working environment? Due to the ProTurn individual coaching programs, 3.165 professionals have become aware of the choices they make and how they can deal with these choices better.

Guided person’s in ProTurn Academies

The ProTurn Academies are available and executed in different types of industries. 10.270 professionals already have gained professional knowledge and skills within their expertise. Interested in a ProTurn Academy for your organisation?

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