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ProTurn's activities/ services

Learning & Development

ProTurn delivers in our learning and development environments the offer for high-quality programs where people can decide to learn from home or in their office environment, depending on the individuals and organisational needs.

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Corporate Academies

ProTurn develops for different organisations an entire, modular training program. Regardless which type of support your organisation will be needing, creating, delivering and implementing a Corporate Academy is the speciality of ProTurn.

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Executive Coaching

In the ProTurn Executive Coaching Programs we focus continuously on the daily life practice of you and your teams. Guiding,steering and inspiring your people within their teams is an essential part of our Executive Coaching programs.

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By using the ProTurn assessments, you gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your employees within a particular function or function areas. Further advice needed on the future development of an employee or leader? ProTurn is your perfect match!

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Besides providing powerful support related to Learning & Development, Corporate Academies, Executive Coaching, Assessments and Interim Professional activities, it is possible to audit your organisation on the right combination of people, processes and procedures.

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Interim Professionals

In a more demanding global playing field, organisations continuously need to move forward and need to make well-balanced decisions faster. Our experienced ProTurn Interim Professionals support your organisation within these challenging processes.

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ProTurn statistics

Active in 20

Besides our activities in the
Netherlands, we are working for
organisations in 14 European
countries and for corporate
organisations in Brazil, Argentina,
Chili, Mexico and since 2018 also in
Australia and the USA

More than 4.000 
individual coaching programs

What impact does your behaviour and
performance have within your working
environment? We have guided more
than 4,000 professionals in their
development journey. We created
sustainable output within our building-on-strengths-method.

More than 12.000
guided person’s in ProTurn Academies

The ProTurn academies are available
for different types of industries. 12,000
professionals already have gained
professional knowledge and skills
within their field of expertise.

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