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About ProTurn

ProTurn realises learning and development on the highest level possible. It is a continuous process of lifelong learning. Since our foundation in 2003, we have developed numerous programs in the Dutch and English language for corporate organisations in Europe, Latin America, and the USA.

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Within these regions, we have guided over 12,000 people in more than 20 countries and have coached over 4,000 leaders individually. All this makes ProTurn the company of tomorrow, realising measurable and noticeable differences for and with our customers.

Our proven methodologies are embedded in a stateof-the-art online learning and development platform named, MyProTurn. The people we guide can study whenever they want, 24/7 and get guidance on the highest levels possible from our ProTurn professionals by means of live training sessions and individual coaching sessions. This modern blended learning approach fits perfectly to the needs of the ever-changing educational needs of organisations and their employees.

ProTurn statistics

Active in 20

Besides our activities in the Netherlands, we are working for organisations in 14 European countries and for corporate organisations in Brazil, Argentina, Chili, Mexico and since 2018 also in Australia and the USA.

More than 4.000 
individual coaching programs

What impact does your behaviour and performance have within your working environment? We have guided more than 4,000 professionals in their development journey. We created sustainable output within our buildingon-strengths-method.

More than 12.000
guided person’s in ProTurn Academies

The ProTurn academies are available for different types of industries. 12,000 professionals already have gained professional knowledge and skills within their field of expertise.

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