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Mystery shopping

Nowadays, it is a daily task to fulfil the processes related to an excellent customer experience. Mystery shopping can be the missing key you need to get satisfied customers.

In cooperation with you and your organisation we will define the detailed approach of the Mystery shopping within your organisation. We will focus on the real priorities and find out in which area’s you need specific insights. Some examples we frequently cover in our Mystery shopping:

  • Does the customer feel welcome?
  • What about the helpfulness of your staff? Proactive and friendly?
  • What is the quality of the services or products offered?
  • What is the sales potential of your employees?
  • How is the store presented?

After the visit of our Mystery shopping team our findings will be presented on the basis of a pre-assembled form in cooperation with your organisation. Based on the outcome, you will be in the position to influence the quality and service level within your organisation positively and sustainably.

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