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Working method

Key to guiding your organisation is our ATCIG-model; Auditing, Training, Coaching, Implementation and Guidance & Permanent Education. Our auditing analyses processes are strikingly short and effective. Together with key-persons in your organisation we co-create programs related to the corporate vision, mission and strategy and deliver online-dashboards in the online- MyProTurn environment.

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Having properly analyzed your needs we correlate people processes and procedures in a triangular approach. Interactively learning together in an on- and offline environment (blended learning) moves your people in a right direction at a fairly high pace.

There are six main pillars for support, to achieve the road to success with our clients.

  • Situation: what is the current status/situation your organisation is in?
  • Goal: what do we want to achieve with your organisation and your Management Team?
  • Options: what are the different options we can choose from to reach the desired results and what are possible alternatives?
  • Actions: carefully executing our taksk, dealing with the potential bottlenecks and obstacles and permanently involving performance key players by executing supporting activities (PDCA).
  • Milestone Meetings: in order to properly monitor the processes and quality related to your company’s/corporate goals we organise frequent meetings together with key employees within your organisation.
  • Evaluation: also evaluating frequently is part of our continuous measuring process; qualitative and analytical calculations of the results cover much more than just turnover and profit. How can we implement sustainable solutions in your organisation and how can your organisation do this afterwards without our support?
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