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ProTurn realises the professional turnaround in your organisation. We develop tailor-made programs for international corporate organisations who on a daily basis need to fulfill the highest, but also ever-changing demands, of their customers. Fulfilling these specific needs is our specialty.

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ProTurn starts every assignment with an audit/inventory related to your latest KPI scores, bottlenecks, challenges and the people involved with those.

We first agree on what exactly it is you would like us to work on. In co-creation with  our leadership team, we close the triangle of people, processes and procedures.
We make sure to create the right pace related to the development of the key individuals, in line with the needs of the organisation.

We focus both on learning as a group, and on individual progression. We have embedded the latest test methodologies and fully integrated these into professional assessment processes. The test results in combination with a unique personal intake per individual, create a very effective fundament for both the individual and group progression needs.

Our highly qualified interim professionals will further assist our corporate customers in key positions when and where deemed necessary. They bring change, the right pace and enthusiasm to your organisation and will always go for the shortcut whilst creating sustainable solutions with other MT members within those organisations.

The ProTurn team brings relevant expertise to your organisation and communicates crystal-clear with all stakeholders involved. They know what’s being expected from them on a daily basis and our professionals simply always deliver where they are best needed. This approach has created optimal results for all our corporate customers
in the past two decades!

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