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Effective Cooperation

You work together with your colleagues in a team… Do you just happen to work together? Or would you label yourselves as a team with focus on the right issues? ProTurn guides teams based on pragmatic approaches applied in 18 countries in a variety of industries throughout Europe and Latin America.

Building further on the core qualities of a team and knowing the dysfunctions of a team is key to a successful approach.

We fully tailor this Academy to your organisations need, the following topics can be part of it:

  • Focussed Team Cooperation
  • Insights in decision making processes
  • Communication processes
  • Effective Leadership
  • Team roles at work
  • DISC-interaction styles (dominancy, interaction, stability and conformity)
  • Personal development

Would you like your teams to have the proper focus? Creating trust and decisiveness within the team?

ProTurn informs you with pleasure on your options.

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