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Leasing is of utmost importance in many types of industries and specifically within the automotive sector.

Customers always expect the best and latest approach from leasing companies. But what is the true sense of the word leasing? What legal tax and regulatory aspects are applicable on your product related to leasing and what about non-automotive/ vendor leasing? We have captured it all in our ProTurn Leasing Academy.

  • Origin and development of leasing
  • What is leasing?
  • Leasing and the tax regulation
  • Mobility solutions used businesswise and based on Private Lease
  • Leasing and the Civil Law Code
  • Purchasing versus Leasing
  • Insuring lease cars
  • ICT related to the leasing industry
  • Leasing as a sales tool

Would you, as an organisation, want to be best in market and fully up to date related to all leasing options a company could choose for?

ProTurn will gladly discuss your possibilities related to creating your own Leasing Academy.

Of course other Automotive related or Finance & Leasing related issues can be part of our programs in realising your Professional Turnaround!

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